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* [[Experience]]
* [[Experience]]
* [[RP_Logs| RP Logs]]
* [[RP_Logs| RP Logs]]
* [[Current_Hooks_and_Plots| Current Hooks and Plots]]

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"I love this city." - Carmine Falcone


Welcome to Flashpoint: Gotham

xxxxxIf you have any questions, and can't seem to find the answer here, please, don't hesitate to ask on the game's +question channel (@chan/on questions), paging and/or tossing a +request (+request title/text) to a Staffer on duty.

xxxxxBe sure to check back here important links, news, and updates about the game!


xxxxxFC PURGE HAS PASSED! Play on, players! Also, players still claiming FCs, thank you for keeping active, or reaching out to us! <3

Getting Started

xxxxxBelow you'll find some links that will help you get started on the game. The only link that is required and should be read front to back is the [Policies] page. DO NOT SKIP OVER THOSE!