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xxxxxWelcome to the Setting and Theme page! Here you'll get a snippet of what the game's setting is all about.

xxxxxPlease keep in mind that the idea is simply a base and will be affected, shifted, and changed as per Player actions and stories.

xxxxxThe setting is modern, and to help ease coding stuffs, the year will be set in 2017. By this time, Batman has been active in Gotham for 30 years, as has the activities of the Joker. NOTE: BATMAN IS THOMAS WAYNE. THE JOKER IS MARTHA WAYNE.

xxxxxThe war between the Atlanteans and Amazons has been going on for about 10 years now. Why this war started is up in the air, and very much up to debate between Amazons, Atlanteans, and those on the outside looking in.

xxxxxAs of this game, the Atlanteans have claimed Australia, Japan, and other Asian-Pacific Island and coast cities/towns.

xxxxxThe Amazons have claimed Northern Africa, Southern Europe, and are making their way toward Northern Europe, with their goal being the United Kingdom.

xxxxxDue to this war, the world's political and financial structures are strained. Obtaining imports and exports has become big business, and due to Gotham being a port city, a number of both legal and illegal things happen here.

A Snippet from the Gotham Gazette

xxxxxBreaking news from the warfront: Resistance fighters in South Korea are rumored to have found some way of deflecting Atlantean weaponry. There is yet to be proof of this claim, though some leaders in China and Malaysia are said to be using the same technology.

xxxxxThe tenth anniversary of Queen Diana's occupation of Greece was met with jubilant celebration this morning. Scores of citizens met at local temples constructed to the Amazon leader, offering sacrifices and well wishes for their ruler. The Queen herself was not present at these celebrations, however, as reports have suggested that the Amazon army is still on the march toward the United Kingdom. When asked about the paramount situation of the countries around her, and the pending attack on her shores, Queen Elizabeth was quoted in saying, "Let her bloody try and take it."

xxxxxIn local news, Corbin Bianchi, heir of the Bianchi family, was found dead in his downtown apartment in the early morning hours by his maid. She said she came upon his body in his living room, laying over what's been reported to be a cache of ammunition and illegal drugs. The GCPD is withholding any additional information at this time, pending investigation.

xxxxxAll Gothamites are reminded to be careful and considerate of their drinking water. After the recent poison scare instigated by the Joker, Gothamites may not be in the clear just yet. The city is requesting that all residents stick to bottled or filtered water until further notice.

xxxxxIn sports news, the Gotham Rogues…

The Gotham Gazette and GNN

xxxxxTo help anyone see what news is happening within the game, be sure to check out: