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IC Date Log Summary
2018-03-12 Bad Boys Part 3 Lynette and Michael watch an informant and daughters. Goes as well as you would think.
2018-03-12 Bad Boys Part 2 Joe and Jarl talk strategy. Vehicular chaos ensues.
2018-03-11 Bad Boys Part 1 Joe runs an Interrogation while Jarl supervises
2018-02-27 After Hours Shipping A Cop and a fledgling Vigilante work to stop illegal weapons from making it back to the hands of
2018-02-26 Home Turf Red Hood attacks Penguin who has the home field advantage.
2018-02-20 You did what now? The saga of Building 23 continues.
2018-02-12 Buiding 23 Two Crooks don't make a Right. Right?
2018-02-11 Bat Blood A meeting at the Clocktower doesn't go Babs' way. Well, not exactly.
2018-02-03 Just Do It Doris gets some help from and outside source.
2018-01-22 Oh Hell No A robbery at ACE Chemicals brings the house down. Somewhat.
2018-01-19 The Return of Leroy Brown Leroy is out on good behavior.
2018-01-10 Demolition Derby The three Amigos thwart a Bank Robbery! Sort of...
2018-01-09 Big Belly Burdens Jason helps out a girl at the Big Belly Burger.
2017-12-23 Botanic Gardens Mayhem Two vigilantes save dr. Isley from dangerous men.
2017-12-22 It was an Honest Question A chance meeting goes... weird.
2017-12-20 The Lazarus and the Reaper After visiting Gotham Central ER, Lyn pays a visit to the Good Frosty Doctor
2017-12-20 Never Miss A Beat Members of the GCPD investigate the aftermath of the Red Hood.
2017-12-20 The Crimson Avenger The Red Hood strikes.
2017-12-19 A Bull in a Sex Shop Oliver comes looking for something special in an unlikely place.
2017-12-19 Lynette was there, too. Jarl meets up with the black clad heroine, Black Canary. A Mambo watches on.
2017-12-13 Don't Be An Ass Bullock asks for help from the Other side.
2017-12-12 Maybe It's Fate The hunt for Giovanni Zatara is on.
2017-12-06 Belle of the Ball. Belle deals with people starting to move in the Underworld.
2017-12-05 Opera Drama Big Bad Thieves hit Little Italy. And make a Foxlady cry.
2017-12-05 Was It Something She Ate? The cranberry sauce was bad. It put a bunch of people in the hospital. One old lady died, and the
2017-12-05 Such a Dick. Babs and Jarl talk about Dick.
2017-12-04 The Snake and the Iceberg A houngan is dying. His priestess comes to bless him. His doctor stands in the way.
2017-12-03 Black Leather and the one Armed man Dinah beats up some thugs. Jarl tries his best.
2017-12-02 The Occult Club Three Believers and a Realist walk into a bar...
2017-12-01 Wake the Fuck up Jarl and Harvey continue to pursue leads.
2017-12-01 Town Hall Hostage Crisis A charity gala for the best and brightest turns into a deadly hostage crisis. Police arrive on the
2017-11-30 Batgirl's First Flight First Encounter of Batgirl and Robin!
2017-11-30 Over and Over The GCPD's consulting detective pays a visit to Arkham, to speak with their new 'patient'.
2017-11-30 Bachelorette Party Gags Just a bit of shopping at Hexuality.
2017-11-29 Dockside Encounters An attempt to steal some guns down at the docks gets foiled.
2017-11-29 Demons and Lwa Lyn visits with Hideous Karl in Arkham.
2017-11-28 Slade of the Swamps Slade meets a buyer, and gets a new business partner.
2017-11-27 What A Coincidence! A first meeting between Nigma and local Occult expert Lynette. Barbara drops in!.
2017-11-26 B&E at the GCPD Why, it's Barb and Edward, of course! What did you THINK I meant by B&E?
2017-11-18 Interrogating a Demon Jarl Interrogates Karloff
2017-11-11 Jarl Returns Jarl returns to the GCPD from some time undercover.