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Note: These Policies are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Ignorance of these rules is NO EXCUSE.

Adult Situation Policy

xxxxxThis game is intended for ADULTS ONLY! Players must be 18 years of age, or older, due to the game's themes and possible scenarios/situations here in. If it is ever discovered that you, the player, are under the age of 18, you will be banned from the game.

xxxxxPlease note that ALL characters created must be 18 years old or older.

xxxxxThe Flashpoint Staff takes no legal responsibility for your actions, or those of the other players in your scene at any given time.

xxxxxOnce again, this is a dark themed game with possible (and more than likely) adult situations. By creating a character here, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age.

xxxxxAlso, PLEASE keep explicit adult situations in private rooms.

Alts Policy

xxxxxFor the first month of rp, players are allowed two characters. They can be a FC and an OC, or any mix of the two: FC/FC, FC/OC, OC/OC.

xxxxxAfter the first month of rp, players will be allowed more if they have shown upstanding activity both on grid and being featured in logs.

xxxxxEach player is only allowed 4 character slots, total. Of these four, we request that only two of them be FCs.

xxxxxAlso, it should be common sense, and noted here, that if you have more than one active character at a time, they should NOT be in scenes with one another. Can you mention their names when they come to your attention? Sure, but otherwise do NOT play with yourself or share vital information between your two characters.

Banned and Restricted Characters Policy

xxxxxFor now, a few characters will not be allowed to be claimed, or processed, through Character Gen. Some of these characters are simply non-existent in the setting, or are set aside as NPCs only. This restriction is more due to story, as these characters are massive plot points in the overall arch of the game. Please note that this restriction is temporary and once the world arch is complete, these characters may be open for play. Any of these characters can be requested by players should they need/want interaction with them. Also, ALL CHARACTERS ARE SUBJECT TO REVIEW PRIOR TO APPROVAL.

xxxxxWe also have a few concepts that are restricted in this setting.

Currently Restricted Characters:

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Joker
  • The Penguin
  • Wonder Woman
  • Aquaman
  • The Flash
  • Zoom/Reverse Flash
  • Captain Atom
  • Pantheons (Of Any Religion)
  • Queen Mera

Banned Concepts:

  • Time Travelers or anything related to Time Travel
  • Kryptonians
  • Martians
  • God-Like Entities
  • Characters from different worlds.
  • Character versions from different universes.
  • OC Relatives of Feature Characters
  • Child characters or anyone under the age of 18

Character Death Policy

xxxxxAs a companion to the Consent Policy, character death is sometimes a huge deal for players. Since our game system is ran on dice rolls, every now and then, the dice gods do not smile happily upon us. Please note that Players may CHOOSE to have their character die or not, regardless of what the dice may say. If they do not wish to die, but are mortally wounded, they will be allowed to play out said damage for an extended amount of time IC. That being said, if a player is ok with the possibility of character death, and if a situation ever develops where a player is about to lose their character due to damage taken, please feel free to call in a Staffer.

xxxxxThe role of the Staffer in the room is to simply observe the character'­s fate and, if needed, rule/judge accordingly.

xxxxxIf you do not feel as though you need a Staffer present for the scene, this is ok, too! This option is for those who simply request/require another set of neutral eyes. If a Staffer is not on at the time of the scene and one is needed, please feel free to pause your scene or FTB until one is available to you.

xxxxxIf you feel as if a character died for the wrong reasons, feel free to contact Staff and provide the log (and dice rolls). Should Staff feel as if the scene was incorrectly handled, it may be retconned.

Conflict Policy

xxxxxCharacters are important. They're special and take lots of work, planning, and are extensions of ourselves in ways. We understand that dealing with conflict and issues IC can sometimes affect your IRL emotions. However, please keep in mind that regardless of what happens ICly, it is strictly that; IC. Please do not take out your frustrations on anyone OOCly, as those emotions and reactions do not belong outside of the story.

xxxxxAt the end of the day, this is just a game. We want it to be enjoyable, dynamic, and fun. It should /never/ stress anyone out. Keep conflict IC and out of OOC hands.

xxxxxShould you ever feel that someone is crossing that line, just follow the suggests posted in our Harassment Policy. Speak up, and speak with us. We're here to help!

Consent Policy

xxxxxAs stated before, this game deals with a number of adult themes and situations. That being said, it also runs on plots/scenes (both staff and player ran). We will not be policing everything that happens between players, and it is up to them to decide what they are comfortable with in any given scene.

xxxxxRemember to communicate with one another and make sure that others in your scene are comfortable with whatever you may have planned. Do not set out to squick one another, and should someone find discomfort in a scene/topic; speak up.

xxxxxAlso, do not be afraid to ever request a FTB with your rp partners.

Feature Characters Policy

xxxxxFirstly, thank you so much for picking up a character already deep seated within the setting! All we ask is that you keep them reasonably active! We, as Staff, will be paying attention to your activity, and we ask that you DO NOT grab a FC just to hold onto them and do nothing with their story. That's unfair to others. As a minimum requirement this means one logged scene a month.

xxxxxHave fun! Enjoy! And keep that RP train a-runnin'! Please.

Extra Note Regarding Related Characters

xxxxxHere at Flashpoint, we're more than happy for you to play FCs to your heart's content. That being said, some FCs are connected to one another by way of family ties.

xxxxxExample? Jim and Barbara Gordon (Father and Daughter respectively.)

xxxxxIf you happen to pick up a FC that has a relative that someone else just so happens to be playing, TALK WITH THEM! The best way of making sure you're on the same page as far as interactions go is to keep alive the lines of communication with one another.

xxxxxALSO, when writing your background, or considering your past with said characters that could possibly be applied and approved in future play, LEAVE THOSE SECTIONS OF YOUR STORY AS VAGUE AS POSSIBLE. This way, you don't box someone else in before they've even started the game.

xxxxxPlay! Have fun! Just talk to someone if they happen to be related to you in some way!

Harassment Policy

xxxxxHere at Flashpoint, we practice a No Tolerance Policy when it comes to player harassment. If you ever feel as if you have an issue with another player, please feel free to contact Staff immediately. We suggest that, if you can remember to, keep a log of the interaction with said player, and provide it to Staff along with your initial complaint. All information will be kept private.

xxxxxAfter investigation of the claim, should the Staff find a player guilty of harassing another player, they will be banned from the game.

xxxxxWe do not have a "strikes" system. All players here should feel safe, comfortable, and enjoy their gaming experience.

xxxxxRemember to be civil and polite to your fellow players. We're all adults here with a common nerdness.

IC/OOC Information Policy

xxxxxJust a friendly reminder that OOC information should NOT be used ICly. We encourage that you find out about each other's characters via RP. Regardless of what you may speak about OOCly, or read on a wiki profile, please do NOT go into a scene with someone with assumptions already made.

xxxxxIt should also be noted that if OOC information is used in a scene against another player that it will not be tolerated by Staff. This form of meta-gaming could lead to the scene being retconned completely, and the player facing repercussions.

xxxxxDon't cheat. Cheating isn't fun for anyone.

Player Ran Plots Policy

xxxxxGo forth and be fruitful! Have a blast and run as many plots as you'd like given the setting.

xxxxxHave big plans for the city? Need to shake up the status quo with the NPCs and Citizens? Just let Staff know prior to running any plots that may result in a change of grid and its dynamic.

Wiki Posting Policy

xxxxxAs most of you know, wikis are places that are built by a community. In this case, this wiki is a hub for all players and staff of the game. We encourage you to gain information here, alert us of any mistakes, and by all means, create your own character pages!

xxxxxHowever, this wiki can be viewed by outside sources and it is best to keep things here at a SFW level. Racy language in scene logs withstanding, please do not use this site for anything that is blatantly copyright infringing, illegal or pornographic.

xxxxxWe don't mind if you play a deviant on the game, but please, no visual representations of that on the wiki!

xxxxxShould it come to our attention that anyone using this forum is breaking these rules, they will have their posting abilities removed immediately. The duration of this ban will be for one month. They will also have their character sheet cleared to the bare minimum.