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Gaining XP

xxxxxXP is what you gain via play to help evolve and grow your character's abilities and strengths.

xxxxxXP is obtained via our +bboard nominations system. There, Players can suggestion other Players for XP, providing us with excellent examples of great RP. We appreciate quality over quantity, so don't be afraid of pose length, just offer us a sample of your scene. OR you can provide us the link to your entire scene should you place that log on the wiki so we can read it over! This can also be used as a way of posting up your PRPs to let us know they're available and ready for review.

xxxxxTo post on this board, you'll simply type: +nom <player>=pose, link, reason, etc.

xxxxxThe board will be checked, and cleared out, ever day, so please limit your nominations for the same player to ONCE a day.

xxxxxAlso, keep in mind that only Staff can read from this board!

xxxxxYou may also gain XP by way of running PRPs (Player Ran Plots), wiki character page creation, and typing up story posts/cut scenes. As long as you're fostering creativity and game play, you'll be rewarded!

xxxxxXP is granted at the end of each week. Please note that ALL stories, plots, and nominations are subject to review. Please note this also means that no one is ever obligated to recommend others for their rp.

Type XP Gains
Nomination 1 XP per Nomination.
Running Plots 3 XP
Participating in Plots 2 XP

Spending XP and XP Costs

xxxxxSpending your XP is simple. When you want to change something about your character sheet, simply place in a +request with what you'd like to purchase/change.

The costs for raising stats is in the table below:

Category Price
Attributes 4 x Dot Purchasing
Mega-Attributes 5 x Dot Purchasing
Abilities 3 x Dot Purchasing
Specialties 1 x Dot Puchasing
Backgrounds 2 x Dot Purchasing
Merits 2 x Dot Purchasing
Flaws -XP Per Dot Purchasing
Flaw Removal 1 x Per Dot Removing
Willpower 5 x Dot Purchasing
Powers 5 x Dot Purchasing
Power Enhancements Lvl 1 3 XP Each
Power Enhancements Lvl 2 4 XP Each
Power Enhancements Lvl 3 5 XP Each
Power Enhancements Lvl 4 6 XP Each
Power Enhancements Lvl 5 7 XP Each
Energy Pool 8 x Dot Purchasing
Meta Rating 10 x Dot Purchasing

NOTE: Your first specialty in a skill is FREE if you have four points within that skill. All others after that will be paid for using XP.