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xxxxxA character's equipment can be a number of things. From weaponry to a super advanced suit or computer, to a sweet set of lock picks. All these things must be chosen upon CG, or +requested later in the game to be obtained.

xxxxxAlso, all equipment that a Character has will be noted on their person. Almost all equipment must also be OKed by Staff.

xxxxxSome things will require a certain amount of resources to own, while other things may be obtained by less than legal means. If you have a reason, we'll work it out with you to get you what your character needs/wants.

xxxxxSome things DO NOT need to be OKed by Staff, however. A cell phone, for example, does not need to be requested. A cell phone that hacks into the protocol systems of the Pentagon? Yes. That'll need a /fantastic/ +request.

xxxxxGot a question about something you'd like and aren't sure if it needs to be talked about first? Toss us a +request or ask a member of Staff who may be about! We'll be happy to help you decide what you need to do.


xxxxxFor a list of weapons and their extended information, be sure to check out our Weaponry page.