Current Hooks and Plots

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Hooks and Plots

xxxxxHere is a list of current rp hooks and plots that are grid wide. This page can be edited by Staff and Players alike, as PRPs are more than welcome to be posted here as well!

Staff Ran Plots

Ran by Eevee

Was It Something She Ate? - As of Thanksgiving '17, over ten people have contracted illnesses based on the foods they were eating. For now, it seems as if the scare is over, but is it? Who did this crime? How was it constructed? And why?
As Seen In:

The Meta Menace - Meta humans are nothing new to the world, but with the tension of war just a pond's width away, what does that mean for Gotham's citizens? Activity is high in the city, making some people question what should become of those known as Metas. Should they bend to the law? Should they be registered, their abilities released for the public to know? Should they be tossed in some dark hole, locked away and out of sight? Will the choices made be met with peace or opposition?

Wartime Rumors - The Amazons have currently laid claim to the UK, adding this slice of of the world to their swelling empire. With the East almost completely claimed in one way or another, there's few directions left for the warring factions to head to. Do Amazons walk the city streets? Are Atlanteans laying in wait to claim more land for their own? War could land on Gotham's shores at any given moment, and regardless of one's standing, the time to act will soon arrive.

Ran by Cubone

Ran by Squirtle

Player Ran Plots

Ran By <Person>

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