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Welcome to the Combat 101!

xxxxxHere we'll be talking about the basics of combat using our system. We hope that we have simplified it as much as possible, as the sources we've pulled from are multiple, and if looked into, could get a bit complex. Should something seem off to you, unbalanced, or just confusing, please let us know and we'll edit and chat about anything that needs to be worked on.

xxxxxNow, let's rumble!

xxxxxWhen dealing with combat, we tried to link the Attributes and Ability trees together. You'll only need to focus on the pair to start effectively fighting. Those trees are: Physical Attributes and the Skills Abilities.


The Attribute Tree has 3 settings:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Stamina


The Abilities have 9 settings, but here we'll only focus on the ones relative to fighting. Those are:

  • Brawl
  • Dodge
  • Melee
  • Shooting
  • Stealth

Here are the base Attributes with each Ability:

  • Strength + Brawl
  • Dexterity + Dodge
  • Strength + Melee
  • Dexterity + Shooting
  • Dexterity + Stealth

Basic Rolling

xxxxxFighting here is a A + B + C = D set up. Attribute + Ability + Equipment= Outcome.

xxxxxAs a basic idea, you can think of fighting in a simplistic manner. If it deals with needing physical strength, you'll use Strength as your starting Attribute. Style or skill? In the case of throwing or ranged weapons, Dexterity is used as the base attribute. If you have the Fighting Finesse merit you may use Dexterity in place of strength for weapons that would normally use Strength.

xxxxxAttacking can be done in a variety of ways, from wielding ones superpowers to firing an assault rifle to beating someone with a club. Superpowers (and super-tech equivalents) rolls are defined on the pages for the power itself. 'Mundane' combat follows the simple formula of A + B + C = D outlined above.

xxxxxYour responses to being attacked are to either dodge the incoming harm and to soak the damage. One may choose not to attempt to dodge and simply skip right to soaking with the intention of 'tanking' the hit. These pools of dice for such actions are referred to as your Defensive Pools.

Defensive Pools

xxxxxDodging is managed by dexterity and dodge along with any relevant powers and Soaking damage is done via your Stamina pool + any relevant armor or powers.

Example: Vinny the mook fires his handgun at Officer Jane, rolling his dexterity + shooting + 2, with the +2 coming from the firearm's damage value. He scores 3 successes.

Jane does not want to be shot, so she ducks cover rolling dexterity + dodge. If she rolls 4 success on this dodge roll, the shot misses harmlessly. A tie of 3 successes goes to the defender and thus Jane would also be unharmed.

Jane's dodge roll comes up with a single success and thus she must soak the damage. Rolling her stamina she comes up with another single success, further negating the damage by 1. The leftover successes from Vinny's roll determines the final damage. In this case Jane suffers a point of lethal damage.

xxxxxSo who acts first? This is determined by initiative. To calculate initiative, all players roll wits + dexterity. The player with the most successes moves first, then the next highest and so forth. In the event of a tie, the player with more dice will act first.

Damage and Weaponry

xxxxxDamage depends on what power is used, or what weapon. The type of damage each power does is specified in their blurbs.

xxxxxAs for weapons, be sure to check out our Weaponry page.

xxxxxDamage is calculated as follows:

Example: Kevin shoots Julie with a standard pistol. As per the armory list, the damage is 3L (3 Lethal). So, Kevin would roll Dexterity + Shooting + 3. The outcome of this roll will be the damage suffered.

NOTE: This damage is BEFORE soaking, and can be reduced depending on a character's armor, powers, or standard soak/stamina pool.

xxxxxInflicting damage on one's self is done via the game by using:

<syntax> To Add

<syntax> To Heal/Remove

xxxxxKeep in mind that on your +sheet, you'll have a specific amount of health boxes. This is determined by which Race you've selected during Character Generation.

Types of Damage

xxxxxThere are three types of damage: Bashing, Lethal and Aggravated.

Bashing - Bruises and broken bones. Something that heals relatively quickly.

Lethal - Anything that causes you to bleed that may be harmful to your life as a whole, and may be, well, lethal. Something that takes a good amount of time to heal. Aggravated - Anything that has a lasting/lingering affect. Fire, for example, or things such as infections, poison, acids. Something that takes a great deal of time to heal.

As mentioned before, damage is 'soaked' by a number of ways. You can use your powers/abilities, any physical armor you may be wearing, or just natural Stamina.

Example: Julie hits Kevin for 5 points of bashing damage. Because he's wearing armor with a 2 point value, this drops the damage down to 3. Kevin then rolls to 'soak' the rest of the damage by rolling Stamina. Depending on his outcome/successes, Kevin will either negate all damage, or take what's left of the pending 3.

xxxxxAnother note is that damage stacks! Starting with Bashing and going counting up. Once you've reached your highest level of Bashing, the next damage you receive will then be considered Lethal. Once at the top of Lethal, damage will then cross over into Aggravated. Also, once someone has reached their top level of Lethal, they'll need to roll their Stamina just to make sure they can remain conscious.

Example: Julie has 8 health boxes. She receives 10 Bashing Damage. This results in Julie suffering 8 Bashing and 2 Lethal.